how to get a mortgage pre qualification letter

We always recommend getting pre-approved for a loan before submitting an offer. However, that doesn’t mean you should rush out and get pre-approved immediately. There are benefits to starting with a pre-qualification letter – It’s an easy way to estimate your home affordability – pre-qualifying is easy. In many cases, you can do it online in a few minutes, and it’s an easy way to verify your estimated home.

How to get prequalified for a mortgage. To get prequalified, a Chase Home Lending Advisor will check your credit and ask you for some basic financial information about your income, debt, savings and assets. Your Home Lending Advisor will then send you a prequalification letter summarizing your loan term, estimated interest rate and estimated monthly payments.

The Skinny on Pre-Qualified. You supply a bank or lender with your overall financial picture, including your debt, income and assets. After evaluating this information, a lender can give you an idea of the size of the mortgage for which you qualify. Pre-qualification can be done over the phone or on the internet,

 · A mortgage pre-qualification letter, on the other hand, is an estimate of how much money you can borrow with little to no research. Essentially, pre-qualifying is not as detailed as pre-approval, as the lender does not investigate or verify your financial records or credit history.

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An approval letter gives you an estimate of your loan amount, monthly payment and interest rate. Make a Confident Offer Getting approved shows sellers and real estate agents a lender is willing to give you a mortgage.

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This qualification is based on a 30 year conventional mortgage at 6.5% interest with total property taxes not to exceed $6,500. Based upon information received at application, along with credit and income verification received and reviewed by ABC Mortgage Company,

There’s not a lot of difference between a prequalification letter and a preapproval letter. While there are some legal distinctions, in practice both terms refer to a letter from a lender that says the lender is generally willing to lend to you, up to a certain amount and based on certain assumptions.

You will complete a mortgage application and the lender will verify the information you provide. They’ll also perform a credit check. If you’re preapproved, you’ll receive a preapproval letter, which is an offer (but not a commitment) to lend you a specific amount, good for 90 days.