How Long From Clear To Close To Actual Closing

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What Happens After The Closing  · Question for any Citi closers out there – how long after you satisfied your final condition did it take to get your clear to close? Citi has come back a couple of times after we thought we had submitted everything with annoying little conditions, usually within 24 hours.

 · Ok we are buying a house in Michigan. We have been trying to get the clear to close for 3 months now. I keep telling her that after I get the clear to close that the person selling the house needs to give the tenants in it 30 days notice before we can actually close. The person selling didnt want to give notice and then find out we couldn’t close.

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This may seem obvious but corporate real estate clients often do not set clear. For too long there has been a disconnect between the actual performance of some buildings and notional building.

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 · If you are not careful, the home closing process might take longer than you think, and quite possibly drag on longer than you had hoped. This is often normal, but there are ways to avoid problems. For example, right after getting a purchase offer accepted, the next question home buyers want to know is how long will it take for the home to close.

 · It might be the most nerve-wracking, anticipatory, hard-to-find-the-patience question of home buying for first timers: "When do I finally get the keys.

The insurance company informs you of any outstanding liens so you can require the seller to satisfy them before you close. Prior to closing, the title company will issue a commitment for title insurance. This is not the actual policy, but it guarantees the policy will be issued if conditions specified in the commitment are met.

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