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VA loan occupancy requirements are described in VA Pamphlet 26-7, Chapter Three, Section Five.. As of the date of certification, the veteran must either. VA IRRRL or a non-VA loan, or when the VA loan has been paid off.

If you are home shopping in South Carolina, you really need to know about the mortgage credit certificate. It’s not something. To qualify, the home must be owner-occupied. This isn’t a tax break.

How to Apply For A Housing conservation inspection (occupancy permit). If a Certificate of Inspection is issued with violations, the property owner has 30 days .

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Fannie Mae has owner occupancy requirements in place for some of the homes it sells to encourage homeowners to buy the properties before investors. Occupancy rules usually apply to homes during at least the first two weeks of the initial listing, before non-occupant investors can have their bids considered.

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If the property is non-owner occupied and you wish to request relocation assistance on behalf of a non-owner occupant, you must ensure the Non-Owner Occupant Certification is executed by each eligible non-owner occupant that is to receive relocation assistance.

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 · Fannie Mae’s definition of owner occupant buyers. owner occupants are those buyers that will occupy the property as their principal residence within 60 days of closing and will maintain their occupancy for at least 1 year. Owner-occupant purchasers are required to sign an Owner Occupant Certification as a rider to the Real Estate Purchase.

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Non-Owner Occupied: A classification used in mortgage origination, risk-based pricing and housing statistics for one to four-unit investment properties . The property is not occupied by the owner.